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Go Sailing

So you’ve heard about the Open 5.70, you’ve read all the magazine articles, you’ve watched the videos, you’ve chosen what color you want your hull to be, but you’ve yet to go for a sail – it’s easier than you think. Here are some of your options when it comes to scoring a ride on the Open 5.70

  • Private Demo

Open Sailing offers private demos on the Open 5.70. This typically involves two hours on the water with an experienced Open 5.70 skipper. Not only will you be able to experience what the Open 5.70 has to offer but you will also get the opportunity to take the helm. Private demos cost $75 for the sea trial, per person (up to two people) and are based in Marina del Rey, CA. If you are driving or flying from outside Los Angeles the fee will be waived.If you wish to schedule a demo in a different location arrangements can be made, for example we also have a dealer in Rhode Island. Also, be sure to check out our race calendar and if we’re racing in your area we’d happily schedule a demo with you while we are in town.

In any case, if you decide to join the Open 570 class and buy a boat after going for a test sail, any fees will be reimbursed.  As an additional incentive for those of you who fly in from out of town to try the Open 570, Open Sailing will credit half the cost of your plane ticket (one person, flying economy) when you purchase your new Open 570.

  • Yacht Club Demo Day

If you’re a member of a yacht club and you feel that other members would also be interested in trying the Open 5.70 then suggest that your yacht club hosts an Open Demo Day. We would typically bring one or two Open 5.70s to your yacht club and spend the day taking members/family/friends out sailing. We usually focus on introducing the boat, going sailing and having fun – there would be no pushy salespeople only friendly experienced Open 5.70 skippers. This option requires a little effort on your part in order to help publicize the event and provide support for our visit but typically we are happy to show up for little or no cost.

  • Boat Show

Boat shows are a great opportunity to check out the boat. More often than not they are only on display during the show but we try and have at least one Open 5.70 available before/during/after the show to take people sailing. Sometimes we ask for a deposit but usually boat show demos are free of charge. The other advantage of boat shows is that they take us beyond the California border – we do shows in Chicago, Miami, Oakland, Annapolis to name a few. Check out our events page or our boat shows page for more information.

  • Racing

One of our favorite things to do is race the Open 5.70. In California we have quite an active racing calendar that takes us from San Diego to San Francisco. In light air venues we usually race with skipper + one crew, in heavier air locations we race with skipper + two crew. There are usually at least a couple of crewing opportunities at each regatta and most skippers are happy to have a local on board. We just ask that you are honest about your sailing experience so that we can match you with the appropriate skipper and boat to ensure everyone has fun on the race course. If you are interested in crewing at a particular event check out our events page and feel free to contact us.

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