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Before we can talk about the Pogo 2, we need to step back a little and describe (in a nut shell) what type of boats it belongs to. The Pogo 2 is a Mini TransAt designed by the Finot/Conq Architect Group. Mini TransAt boats are only 21 feet, built under a strict "box rule", made for offshore sailing and when racing, are divided into two classes: the prototypes and the production boats.

The prototypes push the box rule to its limits and allow exotic building materials (carbon fiber) for the hull, deck, spars, bowsprit, rudders, etc, making them stronger, therefore allowing them to carry more sail area, with a deeper keel but an overall displacement lighter than a production Mini TransAt. These boats are one of the best way for sailors and architects to come up with innovations, before applying them on larger offshore racing boats.

In order to race in the "production Mini TransAt class", 10 boats must be built. Production Mini TransAt also fall into the box rule but do not allow exotic materials to build the boat, resulting in boats that are still carrying lots of sail area for its size and total displacement. However, spars must be made of aluminum and the structure, deck and hull are made of polyester resin. The result is still a boat that is fast, strong and able to cover thousands of miles.

Production boats have very much evolved since the first Mini TransAt in the late seventies. The Pogo 2 was created in 2002 but is still the Benchmark MiniTransAt out there, grabbing 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of the podium in most events.

Hang on for more information about the Pogo 2, the boat, the project and its future racing adventure, now available in the U.S. !!